Boots Wardinski: Liberty Union Party Candidate for Lt. Governor

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Just what was the point of Bernie’s MINIBUSTER? He could not do better than Strom Thurmond or Huey Long?

December 14, 2010   No Comments

Peter Shumlin is a man of his word.He is creating jobs, at least for the other primary dems who gave up their previous state employment. What about Ben Mitchell? I should have entered the dem primary. Oh, that’s right I did.

December 14, 2010   No Comments


I have been setting my sights too low. In 2012 i shall be a candidate for governor.

November 13, 2010   1 Comment


Colby was fired because he scheduled me for appearances in New Mexico and Colorado from Oct. 10 thru the 19th, one of which was in Trinadad, Co., formally the sex change capital of the world. And on Nov. 1, he had me in Keene, N.H.

But in 2012 I,ll be back in the always friendly and ever welcoming Prog primary. Perhaps in 2012 they will stay home to vote for me instead of running to the Democratic primary.

November 4, 2010   No Comments


Vote Socialist and Liberty Union . I support public financing for all candidates on the ballot. For example. If Pat Leahy raised X amount for 2010 ,then every U.S. senate candidate would have 1.5 times that figure available from public funds. Let’s level the playing field.

November 1, 2010   3 Comments


Grow the economy, grow the population? Aren’t the two connected? Let’s shrink both. How long can humanity continue increasing in numbers and depleting resources. It’s like a balloon with too much air. It is going to explode.

So let’s start rewarding people for producing only one or no children. No tax deductions for any child after the first one.

Vasectomies should be free.

Schools should provide free condoms and birth control options.

October 28, 2010   No Comments

NO Endorsement

I shall NOT be endorsing Phil Scott.

October 27, 2010   1 Comment


I acknowledge my error re: drugs/Big mac and no longer support the arrest of those entering the Golden Arches. Instead I urge the Vt. attorney general to investigate McDonalds for possible false and misleading advertising. Is what they serve actually food and are the ‘meals’ happy?

October 27, 2010   No Comments

Ben Mitchell

Apparently Ben Mitchell, Liberty Union candidate for governor, has endorsed the TEN MILLION  DOLLAR man. This IMHO is reprehensible and he should leave Liberty Union and be thrown out of the Socialist Party. We cannot boot people from Liberty Union, but SPUSA can kick the  bum out. Liberty Union is looking for someone to be a write in candidate. Any takers? Moike? Petey Sweety?

October 26, 2010   No Comments

Separation of Church and State

I support the total separation of  religion and the state, whether it be national or local. All references to god should be eliminated from our currency and elected and appointed public officials , when conducting public business ,should refrain from invoking god. Religious organizations should have their tax exempt status revoked and their income should be taxed.

October 25, 2010   3 Comments